Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why you need a saving account

I have a few saving account from various banks in my country .Saving account is for someone who plans to save money and look for short-term safe and stable investments vehicles, bank saving accounts are the best option. Other short-term investments include money market mutual funds are viable options, but bank saving accounts are hassle free and easy to operate.

A variety of bank saving accounts are available in different banks. There are regular saving accounts with no monthly service charges for people who maintain the minimum balance, 55 Plus saving accounts for older people that allow account holders to deposit a certain amount and watch it grow without paying any monthly charges. Money market accounts give account holders higher interest rates fro maintaining a certain balance. Time deposit accounts let account holders earn a fixed rate of interest within a set term that ranges from 7 days to 60 months or more. Students ATM savings gives teenagers the benefit of a bank account with an ATM facility without any regular service charges. For children, there is a junior bank club where they get in the habit of saving while they earn rewards.

If want to open a saving account , please visit for more information . You will get free online banking services , free online banking statement , and many more great features .

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