Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trade Show Displays

Sometimes my current job require me to present to Telco seminar and exhibition such as Communic Asia , World Telecommunication day events etc . I will be the exhibitor on behalf of my company . There will be an exhibition about my company's products and services , current technology , future development etc .

When talk about exhibition setup for a trade show exhibits , there are many things to consider such as the table top displays , table covers , souvenirs etc . For my company , usually they will use simple one such as panel-and-pole exhibition stands . Actually it all depends on your budget and the size or your exhibition .


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the design of the trade show displays are just as interesting as the product being displayed.

Dan Warner said...

Please look for the company who can provide you best the trade show booth and end to end solution as well to get success in your event.