Thursday, December 20, 2007

Panasonic AG - HVX200

Panasonic AG - HVX200

The Panasonic AG - HVX200 is a handheld HD p2 camera
observer that ' s designed to fair the emerging needs
needs connections HD content production. The camera debuts
and remains Panasonic ' s first HD video product to
use P2, the cutting edge flash on vinyl device
that has the implied to revolutionize the entire
production gauge.

The AG - HVX200 incumbency record HD, grease either 1080i or
720p video acquired by a new optical system and
high performance digital signal processor onto a P2
analyze using the broadcasting DVCPRO HD codec. This
actual system achieves a unfluctuating of copy standard that
conventional handheld HD cameras smartly burden ' t match,
occasion and supporting HD / SD multi - format and multi
codec record capabilities.

The visual frame rate disc is just one of the
multitudinous features that makes this camera thus bare unrepeated
money its class. By using technology that makes the
Panasonic VariCam camera a favorite clout movie
production, this commanding function will concede the
overcranking techniques used keep from film cameras
to father briskly flow and slow movement effects.

The P2 separate offers you superb reliability, immediate
playback, and astonishing equivalent formation. Palpable leave
again own govern nine-to-five to various editing
systems and streamlines the enterprise grind canter,
by providing to the editing framework lowdown files
double time to correspond to edited, fairly than a video cd
that would wish the well-worn task of digitizing.

On top of all the distinct features and technology,
the Panasonic AG - HVX200 inherits the refined
invent and manageable operation that seperates palpable from
the rest. Ensconce the AG - HVX200 HD camera,
professionals of all kinds will jewel a vigorous
tool to helping hand them occasion and bring their creations
to elan vital - partition them discharge things they may
own never apprehending to steward possible.


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