Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You gonna watch me play paint ball

Paintball is popular outdoor games nowadays . Teenagers as well as adults may enjoy this outdoor activities . Of course , you need a plan and strategy if you want to win the game .

I also enjoy the game . I have played the game with my friends and it is worth playing . You can release all your anger and stress towards your friends . Aim and shoot them in the ass and kill them .

Before you get into the game , you need to know the basic about the game . Safety is very very important . The bullets can hurt you . Please be careful and safety first . Other than that , you need to know the equipment such as Paintball guns , paintball shoes , and other paintball gear such as paintball vest, paintball barrels , paintball gloves , paintball hoppers and a lot more .

Come and join the revolution in the game . Attack your enemies now :)

1 comment:

Niko said...

safety is always number 1, im glad you said something about that! Always wear your mask, always.

Happy hunting!!