Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today I got my satellite tv at home

Before this , I used normal local tv home My tv is connect to local aerial for local tv stations. Damn , the reception at my home is so bad . The pictures is not is clear , sometimes blur and makes me so mad at the aerial . Then my wife suggest to subscribe to the famous direct satellite tv here . So i'm ok with her suggestion and straight away register for the services online . A few hours later a woman call for confirmation and huraayyy , today the technician will install the direct satellite tv set at my home .

I only subscribe all local tv stations , learning packages such as National Geographic, Discovery Channel , Animal Planets , and many more . Also in our packages is Home Box Office , Star as well as CNN , Al Jazeera , BBC and of course my wife's favorite cartoon networks .

Tomorrow we plan for 24 hours watching tv marathon with a few packs of popcorns and drinks to celebrate our first direct satellite tv . We hope by by having this services , our normal life routine such as shopping , jogging , sight seeing is not effected . We love and enjoy watching tv as a family . Cheers

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