Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gift card for my wife

I get married last year , 12 Nov 2007 and within 3 days time is our 1st anniversary . We are so thankful and grateful to God after going through this happy marriage and we were blessed by a baby boy last August :) So you know what i'm planning to gift her as our 1st anniversary ?

Firstly , I'm thinking of giving her a dozens of roses , chocolates and also a teddy bear but after doing some research on the internet , I thin the best thing to give her is gift cards online . There are varies of merchants that I can buy gift cards such as FontGate , Home Shopping Network , , The Body Shop , Brookstone , Skincard Rx ect . I'm thinking of giving her The Body Shop gift card so that she can shop her favorite girls' things there .

Now i'm gonna get gift cards online and planning to surprise her :) I hope she will like it :)

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