Friday, September 21, 2007

Work from Home as a Mystery Shopper

Yes, it's true, most everyone out there today would love to be able to work from home, but not everyone is capable of doing so. Sure, you have probably spent hours surfing the Internet, looking at all of the "great opportunities" you find there, and wondering if what they promise really could be possible. There are some truly good work at home jobs to be found on the Internet, but there are also many scams as well, so you do have to be careful about what you are getting into, as it isn't always what it seems to be on the website.

One job that can be found online, and that is often legitimate, is mystery shopping. Many businesses use mystery shoppers to get feedback about their stores, and improve customer service. They know that their success depends on the happiness of their customers, so they do everything to ensure that their customers are treated well, so they want to return. As a mystery shopper, you pose as a customer, and then fill out a form, giving the owner the feedback he has requested. It is a simple job, in most instances, but is not really something that you should depend on for your sole source of income.

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