Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time and Attendance

Time management is the ability to manage and control time with the effective managing time tools such as planners, calendars. Implementing a routine is a method of scheduling actions which enforce a regiment to fit with a person's flow of work and production activities.

I have a better solution for organization in time and attendance management. With Krono’s time and attendance solution, it will optimize and manage the labor resources better through automated time and attendance, increased the efficiency as well as accuracy of the payroll and also easier for the compliance for the whole workforce. The system is totally robust, with so easy-to-use can help you to simplify the complexity of the time and attendance policies. Other than that, the business process can be automated and all the administrative can be eliminated. Again, you will have better control of your labor cost with reliable, real-time time and attendance data for improving decision making process.

Kronos’s time and attendance also improves accuracy by eliminating paper timesheets and other-prone manual as well as minimize payroll error rates and inflation .Besides that, the system help to improve organization’s overtime management and consistently apply pay and work policies. The productivity will be increased as the managers can focus on the core strategic activities and the employee can engage with their self service functionality.

There are varieties of Kronos time and attendance application for your references:
a) Workforce Timekeeper – It is a web-based application to automate the error-prone process with tracking employed time and attendance
b) Timekeeper Central – it is designed to help small organizations to manage time and attendance automatically.
c) Kronos iSeries Timekeeper – Dedicated only for IBM iSeries platform only
d) webTA-customize solution for Federal Government’s unique requirement
e) Data Collection – Help to connect with your employees in your organization.

So feel free to learn more by downloading a free time and attendance guide.

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