Saturday, September 15, 2007

My Favourite Social Bookmarking

I started surfing to internet back on 1998 when I was at my college . I learned on how to design simple web pages using Netscape Navigator and I was so excited to have my own web pages on military equipment. Getting the pictures is not a big problem . Just Goggled it on the wet . It is all there . Other than that , I learned on how to setup my email , check my email , sending message and etc . I choose yahoo as my free email provider and we and used to share exciting emails among my friends . At that moments also , I learned about chatting program . ICQ is the first chatting software that I installed on my PC . So cool . Thanks to the technologies which serve to better communication without boundaries among all human beings .

And now is the emerging of social bookmarking era . There are thousands of social bookmarking sites can be found on the net now . Social Bookmarking is a website which store the URL of the interesting web pages defined by the users . The best thing is that , these URLs are shared to all the public with similar interest by categories , tags or even randomly . The more vote you get from the users , the better ranks you will have in the Social Bookmarking website . It is absolutely good for SEO as well as generating free traffics from the net to your blogs or website .

Tizags dot com is one of my favorite social bookmarking site . When I find an interesting website which I want to share with others , I will submit the URL to Tizags with tags to describe what the destination page is about . Visitors can view the URL by ranks and tags depending on what their interest . Check out the cool social bookmarking and start to submit your favorite sites and share them to others !

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