Thursday, September 20, 2007

Joining Class Dance ?

During my childhood , I enjoy 'break dance ' . It is a dance which need physical and also stamina . I bet this dance is still popular nowadays among teenagers . My time is over now , no more dance since I'm became a father to a boy last month .

There are a lot of dances in this world because of different country , etnics , races such as Salsa Dance , Bathaca Dance , Merengue Dance , Rumba Dance , Wedding Dance and many more .

One of my favorite is Ballroom Dance because it is so romantic to dance with my wife . Ballroom dancing also good for my body as involve physical movement . You need to practice to make it perfect dance .

Get the DVD of the Dance on the net . Buy one and enjoy your dance !

p/s: I enjoyed watching movie " Dances with Wolf" but that is not related to dance ;)

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