Friday, September 21, 2007

Direct Student Loan Consolidation

Student loans are like a double edge sword. Without the loans you wouldn't be able to get your college education and degree. But with the loans you are often saddled with a huge mountain of debt right as you are starting out a new career which doesn't leave much money left over from the new job you got your degree for!

If you are in the position of student loans putting a strain on your budget or actually making your finances go into the red and giving your credit score a bad name, then you may want to look into consolidating your student loans into a single loan that has a lower interest rate, longer life, and lower monthly payment.

A direct student loan consolidation might be for you if you are struggling to meet your monthly obligations and have used your deferment options already. Especially if you are about to default on your loan, you should check into consolidating it to save your credit rating. A direct student loan pays off all your old individual loans and leaves you with a new loan to start all over again; it is like wiping the slate clean and giving you a fresh start.

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moksiewmeng said...

I totally agreed with what you said about "Direct Student Loan Consolidation". As a student, you have limited choices if your parents or relatives are not sponsoring you for your further education.

Be carefully and take extra precautions before committing on your Student Loan.

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