Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cancer Awareness

I'm so touched to read his blog "My Battle with testicular cancer " . The real battle begun on July last year when he was 33 . He started having intense pains in the middle of his body and later had difficulty to walk and stand . He did the operation to remove the testicular cancer on July 24th and had the radio therapy after that to remove the remaining cancer cells . It is a true story about a man battling with his cancer .

He got morale support from his family , friends and the world . We really care about you Amos . We pray that you will gain strength and courage to help other and educate them about cancer. Please read the amazing story about Cancer Awareness or Battle with Cancer .

To Mr Amos , I read you post and I'm so sorry for what had happened to you . Please be patient and God Bless You .

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Kim said...

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