Sunday, August 19, 2007

Motorola RAZR2

After a quiet period, Motorola is back with a bang boom bang .It has just unveiled its 2007 collection of mobile phones at a launching ceremony here. Among the slew of phones is the Motorola RAZR 2, which has a touch-sensitive front screen that allows users to read text messages and navigate the built-in music player without having to open the phone cover.

The outer layer display of the hand phone also features a new and creative type of touch interface or touch-screen. The touch-sensitive soft keys are actually on the display. It's like a touch-screen, except only part of the display is touch-sensitive. Making it so you only touch the bottom part helps keep fingerprints off the rest of the display, which is important on such a shiny, glossy phone. The buttons below let you interact with whatever function of the phone you may be using, and provide micro-vibration feedback (haptics) whenever pressed. I'm so impressed with this kind of features . Unfortunately , my current hand phone doesn't has this kind of features .

Inside, the keypad of the RAZR 2 was hardly discernible from that of the original RAZR, except perhaps slightly roomier. The action and fit and finish of the metal plating is very similar. Different versions of the phone had different keys here that take you to the music player or the camera. The V9 has a slightly smaller D-pad due to the addition of an extra key.

Comes with bigger screen , the quality is in the top line phone . you can feel it with your hands . The finishing is so fantastic. Of course they didn’t cut any corners on the design or the construction. Nice and sexy phone I would say . The screen os covered by hardened glass with touch-screen controls same like Apple iPhone . We have the fully control of the incoming calls , music , messages via touch screen . The speed of the sofwares improves 10x times compares to the previous version . From searching a contact at address book to the MP3 player , it was tremendous fast and excellent .

Other than that , another creative software which comes inside this machine is " Crystal Talk" technology which attempts to cancel out ambient noise to deliver superior sound clarity . Thanks to the Motorola engineers for creating and developing this kind of technology

Personally I like this handphone . It is unique , creative , stylish and absolutely better than iphone . I will save more money to invest in this machine . For more information regarding this handphone , please visit Wirefly blog .

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