Monday, July 16, 2007

Travel Guide Portal is a portal that provides travel guide, travel reviews, travel planner and many about travels. The guide, tips and planners are powered by real travelers. The portal provides you ideas of which places to discover, what are the activities of the places you travel and plan the perfect travel trip with a Free Trip Planner.

The portal of provides and shares the reviews of real travelers who travel and experienced the places. As a reader or traveler, you can sign up to share your travels with the free travel blogs provided. The website has been voted as one of twelve essential travel sites by Forbes and nominated as “Best of Web for Trip Planning” by Business Week.

The editor of has a giveaway travel deals where you can save and cut cost with the travel deals. You can browse the website through the categories of featured travel blogs, featured destinations, featured things to do, feature travel plans and many more.

Other than travel guide, travel tips and travel plans the portal also provide travel maps, destination photos, hotels, restaurants and attractions information and many more. Travellers will find this portal very useful and use the portal as their reference and travel guide.

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