Wednesday, July 04, 2007


HerFablife dot com is an informative portal about social lifestyle which focus more into young urban hip as well as trendy and working women . The colorful portal is mostly about latest fashion design , new styles , hotels the best and newest restaurant , salon , spa , shopping retail store opening as well as upcoming festival or concerts in the town . Beside that there are also a section entitled For Him and also the Hot Guy of the Week .

The content of the portal is dynamic , where the reader can contribute content to the website , voice out their opinions and also vote on the content . As long as the reader contribute something , the portal is alive and updated.

The benefits of the portal is that the reader can get the latest news and information before anyone else . They can also become a point of reference to their own society or network of friends . Other than that , you can also meets new friends as well as exchanging the ideas and informations .

So come on and register now . Be active and cheer up your life by visiting HerFabLife

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