Monday, July 16, 2007

The Benefits Of A Focused Blog?

Writing with keyword-rich content helps your blog be found and readers to fully understand what you are writing about. Write consistent and purposeful content.

The more inline your content is with your blog’s purpose, the more concentrated your use of keywords will be throughout the entire blog, not just on a per-post basis. The more diverse your blog’s content, the more diffused your keyword usage will be across all of your blog.

Make a plan for your content. Make lists of the topics you will write about in keeping with your blog’s purpose. Stick to those subjects as much as possible to build your blog’s reputation as the place to come for answers on those subjects.
What Are The Benefits Of A Focused Blog?

* Content is synonymous with the subject.
* Links are synonymous with the subject.
* It builds a reputation.
* It builds authority.
* It becomes a destination.
* It becomes a source.

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