Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

Ashop Commerce is a company that provides and sells ecommerce or shopping cart software. Ashop Commerce is the leading provider of hosted shopping cart software and it is an award winning shopping cart software. They offer a complete solution for merchants to trade online which is never been easy. They provide a demo on the ecommerce software for you to get the feel and experienced the software before you purchase it. They also provide 10 days of trial shopping cart software at no charges.

The advantages of using Ashop Commerce shopping cart software are it is affordable, easy to set up and control and it is a total solution with lots of features such as secured hosted, free emails, 128 bit SSL checkout security, design services, full fraud alert and web promotion services. The shopping cart software is web based which need no installation. It also comes with customizable design without restrictions with unique design, flash and HTML for you to implement and get the best look.

Ashop Commerce provides technical support and customer services as a useful helpdesk. Your online store will able to get found on the search engine which they provide 100% optimised shopping carts. So, get your 10 days free trial software and purchase it now!

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