Friday, June 01, 2007

SEO techniques

Struggling to earn the revenue you actually expected from your online business? If so, then you must apply SEO Technique in your online activities. Search Engine Optimisation or popularly known as SEO is one of the ways of achieving top ranking on all major Search Engines. By achieving top ranking you can assure healthy rate of investment and maximum visitor exposure. This is the reason why the majority of the businesses are using the services of SEO Companies and hiring SEO Consultants.

SEO is one of the core parts of Online Marketing none of the Online Marketing campaigns are complete without SEO. SEO helps in getting better ranking in Search Engines ultimately resulting in higher Return on Investment. SEO techniques can be broadly divided in two parts; namely On-page and Off-page SEO technique. Both the techniques are very important and equally complement each other in getting a website ranking well for different keywords in Search Engines.

In the On-page SEO technique, the majority of the SEO work is done on the website. This includes writing Search Engine friendly content, placing banners, and implementation of Meta Tags, H1 tags, Anchor Text, Alt Text, reviewing navigation structure and any other On-page change if required, like the removal of any invisible text present. All these steps are part of the On-page SEO technique and help you in getting the optimum result.

However, the Off-page SEO technique employed involves activities that are not done directly on the website but are directed towards activities that are completed elsewhere. This includes article submission, link building, directory submission, forums submission, blog submission, press release submission and other SEO techniques. In short all the activities done off the page are known as Off-page SEO techniques. All these steps prove beneficial in delivering off positive results.

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