Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Blogging Tips

1- Choose the blogs that you enjoy reading, visit them on a regular basis, interact with them by posting comments and you’ll automatically make yourself known in the community. Keep your blog updated so that they will visit yours too.

2- Treat your readers as your friend. Neglect them and they will neglect you. Make your blog pleasant to the eye so that readers will feel comfortable when they are in there.

3- Blogging is not for everyone. It is survival of the fittest. It takes the mind, heart and soul to be a great blogger.

4- Don’t think, “Oh today I missed out a post, I MUST blog at least a post”. That will make your blog focus on QUANTITY instead of QUALITY. If you have nothing to blog on that day, why not just take a break and think of content that will impress your readers? That will be more cool!

5- Throw out questions, elicit opinions from your readers. They love to talk too, especially those who have a blog of their own. And if you “ping” your posts on a blogtal like “Project Petaling Street” use a fun title to get your post noticed.

6- Post comments and share ideas on one another’s blog. I call it “give and take”.


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