Friday, June 01, 2007

How to video blog

Remember when email first became popular. It was the rage. Everyone was doing it, and it became an open door to new businesses, products, services.

The beat continues. However, a new email is on the horizon and those who wisely get in on it now will find new profits in the coming months. It's like email on steroids.

It's called video blogging. What is video blogging?

A video blog is a blog or web log that uses video as the central communication vehicle. The video can also include supporting text and other images.

Why is video blogging the fastest growing trend in online marketing? ...And why should you learn about it now ahead of the crowd to make huge profits! Here's why ...

1. Because broadband connections are growing in popularity, allowing people to get video blogs easier and faster.

2. Because the software to do video blogging is getting better and more affordable.

3. Because emails are getting common and ho-hum to many people. Video blogs grab people's attention far more than email.

4. Because we are a visual society, it's easy to see why video blogging is the rage of the Internet. But few people have mastered the principles of earning a handsome living from video blogging.

7 Ways Anyone Can Use Video Blogging To Earn Handsome Profits!

1. Use video blogging to promote your website. You can increase your web presence by using a video blog to introduce your website. It's an incredible attention getter when used properly.

2. Use video blogging in place of ho-hum newsletters. You can take your marketing efforts up a notch by adding video blogging to you marketing mix.

3. Use video blogging to keep in touch with your mailing list of customers and prospects. Use it to introduce new products or services. You can also be use it to distribute information to the world - cheaply and efficiently..

4. Use video blogging to close more sales. People love to view videos far more than they do reading a message. Now you can take advantage of this fact to increase your profits.

5. Use video blogging as an information delivery tool.

6. Use video blogging to separate yourself from the competition. If you take action now you'll be ahead of the marketing crowd. Chances are your competition isn't taking advantage of this new marketing tool --yet!

7. Use video blogging to build a customer list. Make an instructional video blog directed at your target audience. You can then give it away to potential prospects (in exchange for an email or physical mailing address).

These are a few of the little known secrets of video blogging insiders. And what they do to rake in thousands of dollars a week ... and more!

Believe me most insiders will never share these secrets. Why? Because you'd start getting a slice of the financial pie they are enjoying now.

The video blog financial pie is big enough for multitudes to enjoy (and the pie is growing everyday). Get your share now of this untapped niche market.

There'll always be more profits with video blogging than they'll be knowledgeable people to earn them.

Now you can take advantage of this open door.

Learn all you can about video blogging now. It will be a wise investment that will pay you for years to come ... If you act now!

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