Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogging in Online Marketing

Nobody who has an online presence, or who is involved in any form of online marketing, can afford to ignore blogs, or web logs as they were previously widely called. It is now pretty obvious that any entrepreneur, who insists on continuing to ignore blogs, is bound to live to deeply regret the decision.

In recent times blogs have quickly climbed up the ladder of importance in online marketing to a point where no serious online marketer will fail to include blogs in their arsenal of key marketing weapons.

Blog power Actually, there is no denying the sheer power of blogs. For instance the growth rate of websites has declined in recent times and most of the growth online is now being driven by this new kid on the block. It is estimated that a staggering 40,000 new blogs are being launched daily.

Then there is the fact that blogs seem to almost effortlessly gain traffic very quickly in the sort of volumes that websites take years to achieve. Part of the reason is that blogs seem to link to each other very easily and virtually at the least excuse. It is amazing how quickly the average new blog accumulates links to itself. Links and traffic are naturally close relatives because people mostly use links to get to a site or blog. Little wonder that many blogs gain traffic at such a breakneck speed.

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