Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogging for money

I have started to blog early this year through blogspot . I have joined a few program for example :

1) Pay Per Post - A lot of post opportunity . Price range from $5-$100 depends on your blog ranking in google or alexa .
2) Review Me - Maximum 10 post per month . A lot of opportunity
3) Blogsvertise - Not much opportunity .
4) Blogitive - Not much opportunity .
5) Bloggingads - Ia has provide the post template . No need to write post , just copy and paste
6) Sponsored Review - You can bid the price . A lot of advertiser .
7) Smorty - Just joined . Not approved yet
8) Blogfeast - Unique and different from others program . Blogfeast rocks !

Basically it is all about your effort and content . You need to give a sincere review about the contents , interface , services and products . Don't copy and paste . Your post will be rejected

So far I'm happy of what i'm getting now . I'm thankful and grateful to the technology bring internet to foster the communication and business purpose across the world wide .

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BlogmasterPg said...

3rd column, too much directories, Google Ranking 3 .. post on blogosphere.. you are writing a blog like mine! Or I'm writing a blog like your? Ciao fro Italy; if you want, we can make a link-exchange