Friday, June 01, 2007

10 mistakes in blogging world

Do you blog the right and correct way? Whether it is a yes or a no, it does make a huge difference. On my last visit to , I noticed an article that catch my attention. "10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid". And I'm should ask the attention of every single blogger : Do not practise It!. Wrong way blogging will get your blog killed! Don't believe? Try it and see.

Blogging Mistake #1 - You Don't Get Your Blog Updated

Nothing kill a blog faster than lack of updates! If you are serious in blogging, do show commitment to keep your blog updated. A non-updated blog is a dead blog!

Blogging Mistake #2 - Blogging = Money

If the only reason you're blogging is to get rich, you'll fail. Blogger like John Chow makes money because he doesn't blog for money. He really write good posts in his blog. Start filling your blog with really quality posts and put aside your money-minded thinking.

Blogging Mistake #3 - Rushing a Post

There is always mistakes in your post. So take some time double/triple checks your post before you hit the "Publish" button to make sure your post is error-free. Doing this wouldn't kill you, but not doing this will get your blog killed! Please don't rush to get your post published, there is always cons than pros.

Blogging Mistake #4 - Not Being Personal

A blog is not a CNN or People read your blog to get your opinion and your point of view. Give it to them!

Blogging Mistake #5 - Being a Copycat

What's make your blog unique and difference from others? Is your blog unique or just another copycat? There are thousands of blogs about Agloco. I am not definitely the first person writing about Agloco. You can write the same thing as the other blog, but putting your point of view will differentiate your blog and other blog . That's makes your blog unique. Giving your own opinion is what blogging is all about. The most unique thing about your blog is you.

Blogging Mistake #6 - Not replying to Comments

Do reply to your readers comments as soon as possible. A blog is a two way communication tool, remember it!

Blogging Mistake #7 - Not giving a Full Feed RSS

Unless you make 10+ posts per day, then you have no excuse for not offering feed RSS to your reader. I am using FeedBurner by the way. Blogging Mistake #8 - Not Reaching Out to Other Bloggers The best and yet the economic way to get your blog noticed is by saying hi to other blogs in your niche. The best way is to comment on other blogs and make sure you put down your blog's link. Other alternatives includes linking to them, sending trackbacks and adding yourself to their MyBlogLog Community.

Blogging Mistake #9 - Writing for Google Instead of People

You can have the most perfectly written Google optimized page in the world and still not ranked number 1 because Google follows people. And people won't read a page written for a search engine because it makes no sense. I do keep an eye on my keywords and key phases when I'm writing a post, but I also keep in mind that the readers come first, Google comes second.

Blogging Mistake #10 - Not Reading John Chow dot com

He is a great blogging source. Not reading John Chow dot com is definitely the biggest mistake that a blogger can make.

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