Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why would you use Blogs instead of a web site for your online business?

What's wrong with using a web site in your online business? Why would anyone want to have a blog in their business anyway? You can definitely continue using a website in your online business. Combining a website and a Blog however offer a number of superior advantages in terms of traffic generation, marketing and efficiency which a stand-alone website cannot do.

(a) Automatic push-button publishing.

Blogs are the easiest and cheapest way to have an online presence. For example, if you're using Blogger, your Blog is hosted free by Blogger. Blogs allow you to publish your website without the need to know about any technical or programming issues such as HTML, FrontPage, FTP and so on.

(b) Fosters relationship building, trust and 'stickyness'

Unlike websites, which are static, Blogs allows interaction between you and your readers. Blogs have a commenting function, and if turned on, it allows readers and visitors to post their comments, thoughts or opinions to a particular article you have written.

(c) Increase search engine ranking

Almost every major search engine has a software program called a 'bot' that searches or 'spiders' websites online to find new content which it can then bring back to update the search engine databases. Basically what this means is the more frequently you update your site, the more frequently the search engine 'bot' will visit your site, and this helps to boost your search engine rankings.

(d) Free listing in Google, Yahoo and MSN

The traditional way of getting your website listed in these three major search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN is slow and inefficient. A listing in Yahoo directory alone would cost you $299.

(e) Syndication Power

The most powerful feature of a Blog is its syndication function. Blogs can be turned into RSS feeds, and most Blogging service providers have this built-in function. It is just a matter of turning it on from within your account.

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