Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Websites Don't Work?

Here's a few shocking truths you need to know before investing further in the Internet.

Websites Don't work! This might sound a little strange coming from me, an Internet Consultant, but it's the truth. In fact most company's websites are about as useful as a brochure nailed to a tree in the middle of a rain forest. Should it not reach your target audience and if it doesn't result in "client conversions" it's useless.

A website should not cost you a penny! A website (or more accurately, an e-Business Solution) should not be an expense to your company. It should be a balance sheet item that delivers a measurable return on investment.

Most websites are developed without understanding business requirements, such sites are typically created by technical people or by those with little business knowledge. As a result most websites are poorly designed. Technical people don't have any idea about internet marketing or how to drive profits to your business using the internet. This is why most web sites fail.

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