Thursday, May 17, 2007

Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog

Hi Steve , I'm gonna write a positive comment on my blog okay ..

Title of the Website - This website is totally about Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog . Sometimes off topic a bit but as overall still it is a niche market .
This website was created to share the things he has learned over the years especially in programming and help you in affiliate marketing and .Net development blog

Content is king and this website does not disappoint in that area. The site may be relatively new but they are many excellent tips and ideas. Some categories include:
affiliate marketing , bargain hunting , blogging , programming as well as website promotions

Design: In general, I like the 2-column design with the large content area in the center. I think it provides a lot of flexibility and does a good job of framing the main content. The ads also blend well with the overall design and are not intrusive at all.Keep it up

Link : All link and internal site navigation are working well . No broken link . The column links for at the right handed are neat and well organized .

Final Thoughts
Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog has a ton of high quality content and is regularly updated with great advice for both new and advanced bloggers. If you get a chance head on over and take a look around. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

p/s : this is sponsored link :)

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