Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Ancient way of pulling tooth – using the door knob! It was from the time during our grandmother’s childhood’s story. When there is no dentist at the neighborhood and when times a child hates and dislikes dentist very much, tools like string and door knob become the tooth fairy that solves the tooth pulling problem. I remember during my times too, my very first front tooth went so loose and I kept pushing it using my tongue. I enjoyed doing that and scared people around me.

The author of "Tooth..String..Doorknob" did gave a brief tips on pulling tooth using the door knob. The tooth must be loose enough before it can be taken off using the method. Other than that, both mother (the home dentist) and child (the patient) must be brave enough.

The best and most recommended way of solving loosen tooth is by dental` treat. None of dental surgeon would recommend pulling tooth using door knob. Despite of dangerous, the tooth area may be affected by germs and worsen the teeth development process. Though if you are still using the ancient method, as essential it is do seek for dental help immediately to avoid any dirt or harm to the child’s mouth. Do also take the best hygienic process on top of everything.

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