Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PureBlogging dot com - Blog news tips and tutorial


PureBlogging is a portal dedicated to bloggers who need guide about blogging . There, you will find information about blog design , blogging tips ,blogging news, supporting tools,seo ( search engine optimization ) as well as word press tips .

You can have also earn money through referral from this portal such as Google Adsense , Chitika, Adbrite , Text Link Ads , ShareASale,AuctionAds, Review Me and etc .

I like to content as it is easy to understand , focus and simple . The information is valueable especially to the beginner in blogging .

I like the 3-column design with the large content area in the center. I think it provides a lot of flexibility and does a good job of framing the main content. The ads also blend well with the overall design and are not intrusive at all.

Navigation within this portal is good . Easy and no broken link . Hyperlink also clear and targeted.

Feel free to visit www.pureblogging.com

p/s : this is sponsored post

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