Saturday, May 12, 2007

Free sweepstakes game show -

I will briefly explain about about It is fun, new and cool website with No Catch for the members (FREE AND NO SPAM). And also non post paid program

Anybody can join the online game and the best thing is that it is free . But and of course you need internet access ;) After you are verified as a member you can enter thousand of contests online .

There will be semi final and final round . The duration for semi final is 7-14 days and members can enter the contest to grab the prize

Only 7 members will be selected randomly and each of them need to write about 100 words why they need the prize . Online voting will be take place and the person who get the highest vote can go home with the prize ..

It is New, No spam, No catch online game show - check it out

Simple right ?

Let's get rock now! Register as a free member now !

So hurry up ...grab variety of prizes at
I bet you won't regret and no harm to try !

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