Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Co-op Loans

The Co-operative Bank provides loans with an ethical twist. They provide loans products such as Personal Loan, Flexible Loan and Career Development Loan. Each loan product provided by the co-op serves the best service to their customer. Customer only have to choose the right loan product to apply.

The loan products are describe as follow. The “Personal Loan” only requires fixed monthly repayments for your easy budgeting. The “Flexible Loan” is a loan where you are given a credit limit which lets you decide how much, when and how much repayment each month you want to have. The “Career Development Loan” is for your studies and improves your career prospects.

Co-op loan also provide an optional “Loan Payment Protection Plan” a way to help customer to meet loan repayments. They also suggest customer to use "Budget Planner" to help customer to get clear indication on how much customer can afford. For more info on loans products visit The Co-operative Bank website or call 0800 591 682 to take advantage of their optional courier and chaps payment service.

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