Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Book Keeping for small business

Do you have a business ? How do you manage your book keeping ? It is tough ? well , I would like to recommend one website that will offer the services with affordable price . This website is called Accounting Paradise . There are 2 services offer by this website . Okay, I will brief you one by one .

The first one is bookkeeping services . With the price start from USD10 per month , all jobs will be done remotely through Quickbook Online Edition . It is totally designed for clients who want to eliminate the task of accounting for cost saving operations . You definitely don't need any extra employee for that . All can be done through Accounting Paradise .

The other one is on Payroll solution . It only cost you USD6 per month per employee including taxes , direct deposit , year end filling , email reminders , tax form and etc . The system will provide the web based based interface so that you can monitor your spending in just a few clicks ! It will also allow you to import payroll data to QuickBooks.

Start focusing on your business and let small business bookkeeping done the professional jobs for you . The paradise is in your hand . ACT NOW!

p/s: This is a paid post:)

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